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Reflections: Eternal Curse Series book one by J. Dorothy - Virtual Book tour

Please welcome author J. Dorothy on her tour with Bewitching Book Tours today for her paranormal YA romance "Reflections: Eternal Curse". The author answered a few questions for me, so sit down and get to know Ms. Dorothy, then enter her Rafflecopter giveaway, below to win one of five paperbacks or ten Ebooks for your very own!

Why write YA fiction? What draws you to it?

As a former primary school teacher/librarian I spent a number of years reading and choosing young adult books for the school library collection. When I ventured into classroom teaching, I continued to read YA books, to keep up to date with my students reading interest, while secretly fulfilling my own enjoyment at the same time. So, when I first began writing I was drawn to the YA genre, as it is the one that captures my interest the most and I feel the most comfortable with. I enjoy writing through the eyes of a young adult, as it allows you to revisit the complexities of life at an earlier age, when life is just beginning and the future it yet to be determined. There always seems to be an element of hope and optimism in most YA novels which I find refreshing and satisfying as a reader, and now as a writer.

What books were your favorite as a youth and why?

I have always loved reading. My mother was an avid reader so I was probably influenced by her example. As a child my favourite author was Enid Blyton and I particularly loved the Magic Faraway Tree. As a teenager my favorite book was Lord of the Rings. I was captivated by the characters and fascinated by the world Tolkien created. He was definitely the master at creating a believable fantasy world. I remember having many discussions with my sister over the intricate relationships between all the characters and creatures from Middle Earth.

What superpower would you love to have? Why?

I’d love to be able to speed read and to have super editing abilities. To spot errors on every single page, to leap across chapters, cutting and slicing with my red pen, leaving a perfect manuscript in my wake. That would definitely be something!! I’m sure my editor and publisher would love that too!!

Hunger Games or Twilight? Why?

I liked both. But I’d have to say Twilight, because I liked the story and character development with each new installment. And being a big lover of romance books, I also enjoyed that element of the story. I thought the Hunger games became a bit stagnant in the second book, and I’m yet to finish the third book. Whereas, with Twilight I read all four books in quick succession.

Favorite TV show from your childhood?

I watched a lot of Sesame Street as a young child, and I still remember seeing Bert and Ernie in colour for the first time, a somewhat significant event, in a mostly black and white television childhood. But my favourite show was probably Happy Days, and I still love watching re-runs . Scott Baio was my girl crush for many years.

Sum up your book for Twitter: 140 characters or less.

Two sisters, bound by an eternal curse. A family legacy set to determine their fate. And time is definitely not on their side.

You’re stranded on a desert island—which character from your book do you want with you? Why?

Well if I had to choose, I think I would choose James. He is resourceful and dependable. Someone you could rely on to see you through difficulties and keep your spirits up, with his joking banter and upbeat personality. And being trapped on a desert island I think I’d need cheering up.

Reflections Eternal Curse Series Book One by Jacoba Dorothy

Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Publisher: Taylor Street Books
Number of pages: 272 Book Description:

Jo doesn’t know why she inherited a magical ring.

She doesn’t know why her father abandoned her when she was a baby, or the truth about her mother’s death.

Jo doesn’t know a lot about her past. But she’s about to find out.

Nearing her eighteenth birthday, she’s about to discover what really happened to her father all those years ago.

She’s on a new path, a path including her first love, a path that will lead to the truth about a family secret held for generations.

Jo’s about to face her first real challenge. ‘Reflections’ part one, is just the beginning.

About the Author:

Jacoba Dorothy lives in Canberra, the bush capital of Australia. She is the mother of two and works part time teaching children with English as an additional language. Most days she can be found bashing away at the computer, either writing, editing, reviewing great books or face-booking. Oh and of course balancing her time to make sure she give special attention to her husband and family.

The Eternal Curse trilogy is her debut series, the second in the series, Shadows, should be released later this year. And the third installment, sometime next year.

Web site: http://www.taylorstreetbooks.com/
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eternal-Curse-series/248812455248382?success=1#!/pages/Eternal-Curse-series/248812455248382
Good reads: http://www.goodreads.com/user/show/11970152-jacoba
Book Trailer for Reflections: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aNCvAS5HXio
Book Trailer for Shadows: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tMpcQdMENK0

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