Thursday, October 11, 2012

Book Blogger Hop: Fall (and Halloween!) Reading

Book Blogger Hop

Question: With Autumn upon us and Halloween drawing near, what books remind you of fall? What ones do you enjoy reading that are about autumn?

Autumn ... and Halloween. Because they go hand-in-hand, right?  Here are a few from BOTH of us (mom and daughter).

1.  The Witch of Blackbird Pond by Elizabeth George Speare -- Mom read this in middle grade and passed her copy down to Daughter.  The story still holds up and the writing is wonderful.

2.   The Headless Cupid by Zilpha Keatley Snyder -- Daughter reads this every year. It's a favorite!  Interestingly, it seems this book has made the American Library Association's list of the one hundred most frequently challenged books for 1990-2000, due to the use of witchcraft by the children.

3.  Never Hit a Ghost With a Baseball Bat by Eth Clifford -- this (and the other books in the series) were a HUGE hit with Daughter when she was a tween.  They come with her highest recommendation.

4.  All the Lovely Bad Ones by Mary Downing Hahn -- this book gave Daughter the shivers...

What are some books you can recommend to YA readers for fall?


  1. I love that you read books together - that's so fun! My mother and I didn't start doing that really until I was an adult.

    Alas, I have no recommendations, but look forward to seeing what other people post!

  2. Those first two are great, but it's been years...might have to reread soon.

    I'd recommend anything by Lois Duncan--great creepy YA books!

  3. It is so neat that you guys run this blog together. Thank you for the recommendations. Also, the photo is beautiful. I love this time of year :)

    It is really nice to meet you. If you get a minute stop by and say hello: