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Virtual Tour and Giveaway - Elf Hills by S.S.Dudley


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Do you ever read your stories out loud?
Always. And I always catch things I didn’t see. Also, it is important to me that the books read well out-loud because I write them expecting them to be read out loud, shared between an adult and a child.

What have you got coming soon for us to look out for?
The second book of Selara Leda & Burt, titled Wish Upon a Star, in February—tentatively. This depends on my illustrator. This story is set in the California foothills.The second book of the Elf Hills series, titled Fairy Trees, I aim to release in May/June. The plot thickens
a lot in the second book.

What is your least favorite word?
Blog. Or maybe, “boring”. As in, “this is boring.” My 6-year-old is using it more and more...

What is your favorite joke?
A guy walks into a bar. Another guy walks into a bar. The third guy ducks. (Really, I don’t remember jokes.)

What do you do to relax?
Run. Go for a hike. Read. Grill something, preferably with a frothy beverage in hand.

If we were to come to your house for a meal, what would you give us to eat?
My wife would be involved, so either we would grill steaks or have salmon (I have a lot in the freezer
from a fishing trip to Alaska I took in August). Maybe get a little fancy, and have quibbe (a Lebanese meat-loaf) and cucumber sauce.
Something strange, something magical, is going on in the dusty hills behind the small town of Villaloma. Yet each time Linda Peters puts on her running shoes and sets out to find the enchanted kingdom she imagines—full of dancing elves, unicorns, and more—something stops her. And with school starting soon, she only has a few more chances to really search the hills. While Linda’s frustration and doubt grow, her cousin, Nugu, looks for answers in his books and wonders if maybe, just maybe, Linda’s stories are for real.

The day finally arrives when Linda can run far, the day she is sure she will find her magic city. But when she and Nugu feel their goal must lie just beyond the next hill, they only find more hill. Is it all a figment of an over-active imagination; a wistful fantasy?

Or is there truly something magical in those hills that only the strong of heart—and leg—can discover?

From the Prologue:

This fairy tale, as you might have guessed already, takes place on a hill. Or, rather, on many hills and a mountain or two in Northern California, near what people call the Great Valley. One hill in particular stands out, though, because that is where everything started. It was a nice hill; well rounded, not too high, not too low. It was distinctly a hill, snuggled up against a mountain like a nursing cub to its resting mother. For the most part this hill was well-dressed with dark green oak trees and tall grasses, usually yellowed and dry except for the four or five wet months of the year. Along one side, a seasonal creek slipped out and down into the plain. Here the vegetation—red-stemmed manzanita, prickly blackberry bushes, and other shrubs—was thick and difficult to move through.

From afar, the hill was not remarkable; it had many siblings stretching to the north and south as far as the eye could see. This hill was special, though. For one, a strange—some said magical—copse of trees stood near the base of the hill where the creek emerged. These trees were short, had long, dark-green leaves, and bore bright yellow fruit that, if eaten, were said to imbue a person with the strength of ten men. For another, the hill was haunted. On certain nights of the year a white light would shine from the very top of the hill. It was brighter than the brightest star; brighter even than a full moon, perhaps, and it cast long shadows across the plain. The first people that lived in the area told many stories about that hill, the light, and the spirits that lived there.

About the Author
S. S. Dudley grew up in Wyoming, USA, an avid reader and lover of the outdoors. He studied at the University of Wyoming and the University of Illinois. He started his first book (an epic fantasy hand-written in with a blue fountain pen...) when he was 13, but never finished it. At some point (as his mother recently reminded him), he decided that he needed to go do something (like get a job) for a while before he could, or should, write. He did, and spent time in Colombia, Panamá, Antarctica and the dark recesses of large science buildings on college campuses. That done, he now writes, lives and runs in Northern California with his wife and two children. He can be found at, and on twitter at @SS_dudley.

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Little Red Gem by DL Richardson - Interview and Giveaway

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Welcome to Books in the Hall!

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today. I hope your readers enjoy finding out a bit about me. I hope they can leave comments so I can find out a bit about them, too.

What books were your favorite as a youth and why?

The first books I fell in love with were Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitte and The Trumpet and the Swan by E B White. Tuck Everlasting was the story of a young girl who went on an adventure that resulted in her finding the elixir to eternal life, yet she turned down the chance to live forever. I think that was the start of much of my philosophical musings. What would I have done in her place? Eternity sounds grand, but to watch the world grow old while you don’t age could become a drag. A few years later I read The Outsiders by S E Hinton, and that was the book that really connected me to the characters. It was like “Wow, I’m not alone. There are people out there who aren’t rich yet who have values.” I think these books prompted in me a desire to question why we do things, and they also showed me how connecting characters with readers is important. These books were the building blocks for why I became a writer.

Hunger Games or Twilight? Why?

Hunger Games. There is something terrifying, more terrifying than vampires, about a world where kids are forced to kill kids for entertainment. It’s that pushing of the envelope humanity is so tempted to do, and the true test of humanity is whether we take that plunge into doing what’s wrong. The sad truth is that we often do. We see it in the news every day, how poorly humans treat each other and everything else whether through lack of education, money, or conscience. Animals are subjected to cruelty for entertainment! I can’t get understand it. Horse racing, dog racing, elephant riding, bear fighting, I could go on and on about this subject. None of these forms of entertainment are necessary nor are they right. The Hunger Games is like a mirror being held up to show humanity’s dark side. We’ve developed a culture where we’ll do anything for our entertainment despite the outcome. I think it’s good to step back and say to ourselves that some things are just not necessary nor are they right. We know right from wrong, yet many people make the decision to look away and say that right and wrong are for the lawyers to decide, but that’s not the case. It’s for us to decide what’s right and wrong, and if we can stand up for what’s right then we should be free to do so.

Favorite TV show from your childhood?

I grew up watching American TV shows. Mork and Mindy. Happy Days. Brady Bunch. Six Million dollar Man. The Bionic Woman. Wonder Woman. Space 1999. MASH. The Muppet Show. I loved them all. These shows were entertaining (yes, we can be entertained without being cruel). These shows were vibrant, colorful, funny, poignant. But if I had to pick a favorite from this list it would be The Bionic Woman. Jaime Somers was smart, she was beautiful, she was kind, and she was strong – with or without the bionic implants. She was also one of the nice girls. She never bitched or back-stabbed or ridiculed anyone, even while they were trying to kill her or blow up the world. If my female characters end up half as decent and strong as Jaime Somers, then I’m a happy writer.

You’ve just won a million dollars and you’re not allowed to save any of it. What do you spend it on?

Oh, please don’t tease me. I would love t win a million dollars and I’d know exactly what I’d spend this money on. I would also, not for a second, contemplate staying at work because “I’d be bored” like I’ve heard some people say. I’d never be bored. I would build a house with a library and buy millions of books to stock it. In this house would be a conservatory with a black grand piano taking center stage. Outside the conservatory through a set of French doors are gardens that I would sit in to gaze over the mountain and lake views. In the garage is a red 1963 Corvette. I guess because I’m not allowed to save any of the winnings I’d have to buy lots of tinned food, chickens and goats, plant vegetable crops, and install water tanks and a solar energy system so I don’t have to worry about having no money in the bank. I could live like a hermit, not a problem.

Playlist for your current book.

There was a special song I listened to while writing the ending to Little Red Gem. I was stuck on how to end this tale of a girl who drives herself crazy in order to find out how much her boyfriend loved her, when she only needed to know how much she loved herself. On the radio came Katy Perry’s song “Roar.” As soon as I heard the lyrics, I knew I had my ending. Little Red Gem is a love story, but it’s a love story with a difference, the main character goes on a journey of self discovery. I think all boys and girls, men and women benefit from going on such a journey. There’s a great line in the book where she says, “My life. My choice.” Sure, we all make mistakes. Some we learn from. Some we regret. But the path to happiness is acceptance of the choices we make. I hate that we’re always looking to blame everyone else. I like to do like my dog, and scratch some grass over that business and move on.

Now let's learn about your book!

Love can make you do crazy things as Ruby Parker discovers when she dies and returns from the grave to unearth how much Leo Culver loved her. With the aid of bad advice from a ghost who is trapped by a curse, a little bit of magic courtesy of her unsuspecting half-sister, and a televised music talent show coming to town to hold auditions, Ruby Parker makes more of a mess in death than she ever did in life. Can she fix everything before it’s too late? Or will she spend eternity as a ghost, haunted by the unknown depths of love? Either way, one thing Ruby learns is that while love can make you do crazy things, it can make you do amazing things too. But at what cost?

Enjoy an excerpt:

…“I’d know if I was dead.” While I watched my two best friends walk with arms around each other for emotional support, I wrestled with accepting Audrey’s version of the story. To do so meant I was dead. And dead meant I would never again speak with Leo. And there were so many words left unsaid, so much business left unfinished.

The final nail in my coffin came when a customer walked out and Audrey pushed me directly in front of the customer’s path. Instead of bumping into him, I fell through him, landing on my hands and knees. My skin tingled with pins and needles from where the body had passed through me. A loud noise filled my ears, similar to water flowing from a dam. For a split second my vision blurred. Then I watched in absolute horror as my hands and legs split into millions of tiny fragments.

Audrey might have been capable of delving into her mother’s magic bag to produce this neat trick, but I wasn’t.

I crawled into the gutter because it seemed the most suitable place for a reluctant spirit to bawl her eyes out. Audrey was kind enough to sit beside me with her hand resting on my shoulder; although we were both apparitions the contact still registered. I forgot about being angry with her and welcomed her company.

“Okay, I’ll admit this has been a rather extraordinary morning so you may be right.” I sniffed back the tears and turned to face her. “How did I die?”

“Your car slid down an embankment. You weren’t wearing a seat belt. Leo dragged you out of the car but it was too late.”

I jumped up. “Leo!”

Music first captured the creative interest of young adult author D L Richardson. From choir, to her first acoustic guitar at age ten, to singing with the school band and performing in school musicals. When she left school she helped form her own rock band where she sang lead vocals, played bass guitar, and wrote all the lyrics. At age 26 she sold her equipment and focused on writing instead. She now has three novels and one short story anthology published.

Little Red Gem is a tribute to her former life as a musician and contains some of the author’s actual experiences, though she has never entered a national singing competition to capture the attention of the boy she loves. It is also a tribute to those brave young women who charge forward in pursuit of their dreams.

She lives in Australia on the NSW South Coast with her husband and dog. When she's not writing or reading she can be found playing her piano or guitars, renovating the house, or walking her dog.

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Henge by Realm Lovejoy - Review Tour and Giveaway

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Inspired by one of the greatest legends of all time…

Modern-day Camelot. Where knights no longer carry swords. Magic is dangerous. And those who seek control are not to be trusted.

Sixteen-year-old Morgan le Fay is a fire user. An ordinary girl with an extraordinary skill, she has the ability to create and command fire at will. Her dream is to become the Maven—the right hand of the future King Arthur. In the chance of a lifetime, Morgan is selected to join Arthur’s Round, an elite group of young magic users from which the new Maven will be chosen.

Along with the other fire, water, and wind users in Arthur’s Round, Morgan is rigorously trained and tested. The handsome Merlin, a brilliant water user, takes a particular interest in her. Is his friendship to be trusted, or is Merlin simply trying to win the position of Maven for himself? Among the many rivals Morgan faces is the current Maven, Mordred, who seems determined to see her fail.

But Morgan has a secret—years ago, her mother was executed for using fire magic, and Morgan’s desire for justice makes her more than ready to take on the challenge before her. Can she prevail in Camelot’s tests of survival and magic? Only time—and Morgan’s powerful fire—will tell.

Realm Lovejoy’s modern Arthurian series features one of literature’s most complicated and powerful female figures. Henge is the first book in the LE FAY series, and—like Morgan le Fay’s magic—it is sure to dazzle and amaze.

My Review:

Henge is a well-written, unique take on a classic story. Playing with the Arthurian legend can be a risky thing, but the author has made it just different enough to make it her own.  In fact, sometimes I'd forget this was about Camelot, and then we'd be introduced to an old friend again: Tristan and Isolde, Merlin (loved how he was introduced!), and so on. 

But don't think you'll have this all figured out just because you know the legend.  It's got its own twist on things.  Morgan is a great protagonist and I really empathized with her.  She's had a rough life so far, and takes risks to put herself where she thinks she's supposed to be.  She wants to be trusting, make friends, etc., but is a relatively untrusting soul (and for good reason).  I love a strong female protagonist, and she fits the bill.

There's nothing her so objectionable or frightening that younger teens couldn't enjoy this as well. Certainly it has a few flaws--it's occasionally rushed, and sometimes I had to go back a reread things to make sure I understood what was happening--but that barely detracted from my enjoyment.

4 stars and recommended to fans of fantasy and urban fantasy of nearly all ages. 

Enjoy an excerpt:

When I go to bed that night, I sink into the goose down, ready to sleep and get my mind off things. I remember Merlin’s eyes—his irises had little gray lines that turned his eyes into a foggy color. When did I look at him closely enough to notice the threading of his irises? I drift into sleep, feeling like I am drowning in feathers that whisper like the ocean. Is Merlin lonely? Does anyone else visit him in prison? Maybe Vivian?

I wake up sporadically throughout the night, a strange energy lurking in the depths of my sleep. In my dream, I’m sinking in water—it seeps into my lungs and strangles my heart. The water is coming from smooth hands. Merlin smiles as he drowns me. I sink into an endless depth of blue, the light flowering and scattering above me. The water the same color as his eyes.

About the Author:

Realm Lovejoy is an American writer and an artist. She grew up in both Washington State and the Japanese Alps of Nagano, Japan.

Currently, she lives in Seattle and works as an artist in the video game industry.


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Name Before the Masses tour and Giveaway - Cameo by Tanille

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. Tanille will be awarding a $15 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour, and a $15 Amazon or B/N GC to a randomly drawn host. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

Why do you write juvenile fiction? What draws you to it?

I love YA as a genre because of the drama, the discoveries and the lessons lean red about life and friendship. This is a period in our lives where we changes our ideas so often. We self-reflect and really learn what friendship means to us. We also start to form our early relationship patterns and we cover up things we don't like leading to hidden insecurities. These aspects dealt with during teen years make it such a ripe playing field. There is so much room for creativity and character expression. I also think my love for teen movies is a huge part of what draws me to this genre. I feel like my books are teen movies that play out on the page.

Pretend your protagonist is at school and opens his/her locker – what will we see inside?

You will see lipgloss in a light peach or lip colored pink. You would see school books and a personal diary. You would see an iPod full of dance music. You would find a yoga mat and light sweater for just in case. She would have half a picture of her and her ex Craig. Nia might even have her college acceptance letter taped to the inside door as a motivator.

What’s your favorite sweet treat?

I have a love for brownies. I am slightly allergic due to the egg content. I try to get vegan brownies. I only buy them a couple of times a year and make it last for a few days. But the joy in eating a brownie is like a slice of vacation. If I ate a brownie everyday I'd probably give up coffee and mellow out a bit. If only!

What did you want to be when you grew up? Why?

I wanted to be an actress because I loved movies. As I grew up I realized how fun it is to dress up as characters. How cool is it is live out a story and try on new perspectives of people very different from you. I still thinking acting and movie making has a special place in my heart. It led me to discover my love of writing.

What superpower would you love to have? Why?

I would like to fly. The reason is I think there is so much to see. And I imagine it would be freeing. I can just feel the refreshing air against my face while in the sky. I also ilk the idea of having your own place in the sky you can go to to gather your thoughts and escape the influences of our world. Messages to buy this and pay attention to that are so pervasive. It is tough to find space to collect your own thoughts and dream up your own possibilities. I would love to be one with the birds if only for just a day.

Sum up your book for Twitter: 140 characters or less.

Fall in love again with this sassy romantic YA thriller @Cameothenovel1 complete with free music downloads

Favorite hot beverage. Why?

Café Latte is my favorite warm drink. I have it with Almond Milk. It is the perfect mix of taste and delight. I love the taste of espresso. i also love the extra kick especially when I am working through writer's block.

Ideal summer vacation.

I have been converted to a Disney lover. I think my favorite summer vacation is Disney World. I love the inspirations. The imagination options are endless. There are so many parks. Plus the resorts have fun activities. While I enjoy other places I feel like the parks make this an extra special option.

You’re stranded on a desert island—which character from your book do you want with you? Why?

I would want to be with Jason. He is full of surprises. He is resourceful. He can kayak. He can probably swim and he has a protector type of energy. So if any wild animals comes about I don't have to worry about who will be willing to fight for our lives.

Favorite pizza toppings

I love veggies on my pizza like peppers, garlic and olives. Pizza is such a treat. I can only have dairy free pizza but I make the most of it. Sometimes I even sneak a real slice of veggie pizza and the consequence of congestions for the net 24hrs. I have to admit it is worth it.

New Pop R & B Song "Baby Comeback to Me" by Tanille free with purchase of Cameo. Email us Cameo by Tanille is your next sinful beach read. Be 17 again! This page turning who done it is packed with mystery, drama, and steam. Nia is a high school beauty who discovers she's being stalked by someone in a secret underground society. Everyone is suspect. The pressure is mounting and problems are stacking up. Who is behind all of this? Which one of her friends is connected with this secret society? And why?

It was pitch black outside as the full moon glistened through the vinyl blinds that adorned Gary’s half window in his bedroom. His room was nestled in the far corner of his parents’ craftsman- style house in Hempstead, Long Island. The scrawny seventeen-year-old sat at his desk in an oversize, droopy wifebeater and Snoopy boxer shorts. His hair was jet black and gelled down into a curly fade. His bedroom was dull, full of computer science books and a series of coveted Stephen King thrillers—a lonely boy’s surrogate girlfriend.

“Uh! Got to keep these passwords straight,” Gary exclaimed out of frustration.

Gary slid open his desk drawer full of colorful Post-it notes with various codes and passwords written all over them. It seemed like nowadays you needed a password for everything. There was even a code to get into his front door. He took out a new pad and wrote down a username and password for his Tracebook account. A lamp slammed to the ground behind him near his bedroom door. The bedroom went dark. Gary turned around to see what had happened. He heard footsteps in the hallway. He slapped his hand over his open mouth as if a fly might make its way inside while he trotted to the door.

Senior quarterback Craig stood outside Gary’s bedroom with his back against the wall like an operative from Mission Impossible. Dressed in a tight, black mock-turtleneck muscle shirt, his muscles bulged like those of a beefy club bouncer. Michelle crept up the hallway to stand next to Craig, dangling a large roll of duct tape in her hand. Craig ducked his head into the room to see what was going on. Michelle pressed her nude lips together and batted her overdone smoky eyes. She ran across the bedroom door to the opposite side. With her back to the wall, she took a look inside the room. Gary had picked up the lamp and was reaching to turn it on. There will only be light when I say there will be light, she thought to herself.

Michelle tugged on her black Kangol hat to signal. Craig charged into the room, grabbed a hold of Gary, and forced a pair of socks into his mouth. He pulled Gary’s hands behind his back like a crooked cop from a gangster movie. Gary struggled like an insect caught in a spider web. He wiggled every which way to no avail. Michelle stood at the open bedroom door with a wicked half-smile playing across her photo-perfect, dark-chocolate face. She batted her false eyelashes for a dramatic finish.

Gary jammed his heel into Craig’s toes. Craig threw Gary down onto the floor, and Michelle slammed the roll of tape against Craig’s chest.

“Tape his hands up,” Michelle commanded.

Craig grabbed the tape. She walked in to examine the room. “Lucy! Get in here, now!” Michelle called out.

The petite, mousy-brown-haired Lucy walked into the room, looking as pale as a ghost. She had missed her last two tanning sessions to complete photo excursions for Michelle. It didn’t bother her, though. Lucy was just glad to have been the one asked to be in Michelle’s exclusive presence. Lucy had a digital camera hanging from her wrist. The camera hung down lower than the hemline on her denim miniskirt. Lucy snapped several pictures of Gary as he squirmed on the floor. Michelle worked her way over to Gary’s computer.

Craig came from behind and put his hand in Michelle’s.

“This is sooo great. The yearbook committee will love it,” Lucy whispered in a little girl’s voice. She always thought it made her seem nicer and less threatening, the complete opposite of Michelle.

“This better get me prom votes. I don’t have time to waste,” Michelle said.

About the Author:

Tanille is the co-author and creator of the children's green book series "Jordan & Justine's Weekend Adventures." She is also the author of the new media young adult novels with music "Cameo by Tanille," and "Broken by Tanille."

The Undercover Starlet Journal is a title Tanille created to inspire young women and has extended Undercover Starlet into brand extensions that appear throughout her novels.

Tanille has been writing music and books since age 16. She earned an MBA at 21 and graduated magna cum laude.

Readers of her latest young adult romance novel "Broken by Tanille" get free music downloads of her new Pop R&B hits "All of Me," "Feel It," "Baby Comeback to Me," "It's Not Okay," and "What's a Girl to Do" all written, performed and co-produced by Tanille.

The Undercover Starlet Reading Project is a new project we've launched, tasked with inspiring young teens in urban communities to reads and express themselves. We are committed to going above and beyond to reach youth with inspiring messages.

Buy Cameo by Tanille on Amazon Now:
Buy Broken on Amazon Now: @MilanParkAve
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NBTM and Giveaway - Midnight and the Man Who Had No Tears

This post is part of a virtual book tour organized by Goddess Fish Promotions. The author will award one randomly drawn winner a $25 Amazon or B&N GC via rafflecopter. Click on the tour banner to see the other stops on the tour.

Why do you write juvenile fiction? What draws you to it?

I write juvenile fiction because there is an innate magic in childhood. The amount of possibility from a child’s perspective in very heart-filling and inspiring to me. I was fortunate to have an amazing family experience, full of love early in my life. My parents’ divorce changed that experience, introducing me to heartbreak. One place I both escaped and found understanding was through reading. I want to provide that experience for other children.

What books were your favorite as a youth and why?

One of my favorite books as a child was a book called “Tough Tiffany”. Not only was she my namesake, but we were the same age, dealing with being raised by a mother who was struggling financially. It was the first time I really related to a character. I also loved reading Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends”. It opened the door for me enjoying poetry as a child.

What’s your favorite sweet treat?

Oh, I love so many sweet things...I am a sucker for a moist cake though. Chocolate or lemon-- ooh, with a nice glaze or frosting. Yum yum!

What did you want to be when you grew up? Why?

When I was 13, I remember I wanted to be a hermit and live by the sea. Somewhere, I think I always knew it wanted to write :)

What would you write in a letter to your teen self?

To my awkward, teen self I’d say: You are a late-bloomer compared to your peers. Hang in there, because your gifts of passion and observation will serve you well in your later years. Don’t let heartbreak keep you from loving, your heart is much more resilient than you believe now. Oh and in 20 years, the all-consuming Carlton-crush will not be of any significance. At all.

Playlist for your current book.

I’m currently working on the next story in the Midnight Series, and the playlist includes a lot of Jill Scott. Specifically, “The Fact Is (I Need You)”, “Wanna Be Loved”, “Hear My Call”, “I Keep” and “Do You Remember Me?”. The songs are all about love and connection, losing and finding one’s self. Very beautiful.

Who was your teenaged crush? Why?

Ugh. Carlton Jones. Because he was tall (6’3”, I’m 5’11”) and wore Obsession for Men. I was a teenager, lol.

In the magical land of Shina, Midnight is the Keeper of Dreams and Protector of Children. On her nightly journey down the river of dreams, she meets the Red Family, whose child is going with Midnight for the first time.

The dark cloud of sadness that consumes their house confuses Midnight, and the entire family must embark on a journey to find out why an angry father can show no kindness to his only child.

There is a land called Shina so far away that the only way to get there is to close your eyes and dream. It is a land where magic’s mystery makes itself known. Where the light of LIFE, the gift of the MOST HIGH, burns in everyone’s eyes. Where the Spiritfolk live and walk amongst the peoplefolk, and it is where you can find Midnight, the Keeper of Dreams and Protector of Children.

Now, everyone agreed that Midnight was the most beautiful spirit to ever be born to the land of Shina. She had the richest, blackest hair with the richest, blackest skin, and the richest, blackest face you ever did see. And without a question, she had the richest, blackest eyes known to her land. Eyes so deep, that when she opened them, she eclipsed the sun, calling forth the richest, blackest night. And when her work was done, she rested her melanin-filled eyes, letting the sun once again shine brightly on the land.

Now Midnight, just like everyone who lived in Shina, had a job or a duty called upon her in order to keep the land in balance. Midnight’s job was to guide the sleeping children down the Ndoto River, the river of dreams, taking them to Asili, the most mystical part of Shina—where rainbows were made, where stars got their tickle, where butterflies got their colors, and where each child was blessed to enjoy the magic of childhood, a marvelous gift from the MOST HIGH.

About the Author:

Writer/Director Tiffany Golden was trained in Motion Picture Production at the Academy of Art University. She has worked creatively with school-aged youth for 15 years in an effort to support their voices being heard and shared. Her work with young people has led to dozens of her students being published, having their films featured in festivals, installations in major museums, and the highlight of many community-based events.

“I have worked with children for a long time, and I have witnessed firsthand their magic and resilience. I wanted to create a legacy that holds them sacred, reminding us all of the true gift that they are, so they may be cherished. This story was channeled out of complete love; inspired by individuals, and written with an open heart for the collective 'we'.”
AMAZON BUY LINK: 1497560438/ref=pd_rhf_se_p_img_2
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