Saturday, February 22, 2014

REVIEW: Soul Slam by Allie Burton

Soul Slam by Allie Burton
Contemporary, Fantasy
237 pages
4.5 stars

A sixteen-year-old on her first heist to steal an ancient Egyptian amulet inadvertently receives the soul of King Tut…and the deadly curse that comes with it.

And Olivia is not alone at the museum.

A member of a secret society, Xander believes it is his place to inherit King Tut’s soul and justly rule. He knows nothing about the society’s evil plan to control the world or the curse. Now, he must deal with the female imposter who stole the amulet.

Xander convinces Olivia they must form a temporary partnership. The two teens develop a connection, and together they must figure out how to end the curse before it turns deadly. On the run, unable to touch because of the curse, and managing the male soul inside her female body, Olivia must learn to trust Xander.

As the mystery surrounding the amulet unfolds, Olivia and Xander start to fall for each other. But is love enough to save them and the world from destruction?
MY REVIEW:  I really enjoyed Soul Slam probably because I have always had a fascination with Ancient history and I really liked reading a different view on Pharaoh Tutankhamen. I thought the plot was interesting and funny, and I really loved watching Olivia fight Tut and the arguments and discussions they both shared. It was neat to see her gain insight into his life and learn from it.

It was also very intriguing to see Olivia and Xandar connect due to their previous lives
and that Olivia has been out on the streets most of her life. (*Cough* Oliver Twist *Cough Cough*) It gave an interesting view on what she felt and what she went through, and what she was willing to give up to keep the small children in her care safe. I really thought her love for them was sweet.

I hated the bad guys. That's good, you're supposed to, right? I wanted to punch them silly because of their stupidity (of sorts) and their overall selfishness and greed for power and the ability to control Tut's soul. I was very tense as I learned more and more about them and what they were going to do to get what they wanted.

It's funny but serious, loving with hatred on the side, and complete with power-hungry villains and homeless heroines. A wonderful read for fantasy, comedy, and history lovers all around. Recommended for 12+.

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