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How to Improve Study Habits by Christine Reid head

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Studying - an aspect of life many dread the most, especially kids. “Studying is boring,” says 12-year-old John. “Many times I pick up my phone to read some materials online, and I do want to read them,” Vanessa, a 15-year-old girl admits, "but after the first paragraph, I lose interest and go for something more interesting."

This dilemma and more are shared by many people, adults inclusive, all around the world. So what can be done? Since studying is uninteresting to you as a student, should you give up on it? You want to study, but the drive is not there! What should you do? “How to Improve Study Habits” by Christine Reidhead correctly answers these questions and more!

How to Improve Study Habits is a book that tells you the skills and practices necessary to form or strengthen study habits are as specific as the title of this book as the author guides you on your road to being an effective student. The book published by Four Windows Press is providing a light during these challenging times.

Many times, we can’t just figure out where we are getting it wrong in our studies. Are we trying too hard? Should we put in more effort? In this book, you’d be able to identify when you are trying too hard by studying excessively and why it isn’t working. Many of our study techniques fail because we are trying hard to study like someone else. Meanwhile, we are all different types of learners. This book is your all-in-one guide on who you are as a learner, excellent study habits to adopt, and bad study habits to curb.

Besides, the book further discusses the challenges of studying during the pandemic. The months have gradually increased, and parents, teachers, and students can’t afford to jeopardize studies. Hence many have resorted to online learning. Despite all these measures applied by teachers, the result is just like the saying, “You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t force him to drink.”

As a committed and experienced educator and humanitarian, Christine made this guide to show you how as a horse, you don’t have to be forced to drink from the river but how to drink effectively from it. In other words, as she did in her other book “Get that job,” she displays her passion for education and offers without restriction knowledge to help you as a student, whether you are in middle school, high school or college.

For students 13 through college graduation, Christine Reidhead's guide to building study skills is an extremely important book for those who want to secure their future through good grades.Too many students' grades are falling, especially in a time when regular classrooms cannot fully open. Parents everywhere are at a loss regarding what to do with their responsibilities in the face of the increasing downturn in their children's grades. It seems as though, with the advent of social media, the attention of a lot of students has been shifted from their books to their smartphones or computers. Apart from social media, blame has also been put on a decline in the interest of students regarding education in general. Students, at the moment, do not have the motivation or zeal, as it seems, to even study.

Good study habits, or skills, are solutions to the problems experienced by students. This has been true for a long time, but the world is changing rapidly, which also means that the tools employed during study have to be changed in order to keep up.

This is especially true as a result of the covid-19 pandemic that has forced students to study and learn from home rather than in the classroom. E-Learning, or online learning, can be effective, but only if the student has the discipline and drive to succeed using the tools and materials they are provided by teachers. Without strong study skills the student will fall behind in the classroom. Online the failure to develop good study skills can be devastating, leading to an inability to achieve the success in life the student could otherwise achieve.

This excellent guide walks students through skills and habits which a student, or a person, employs while studying in order to make the most out of the experience. The kind of skills employed by a person, whether good or bad, determines how successful they will be in the process of learning, and Reidhead shows how to understand study skills, discover what kind of learner you are, develop great study skills, avoid bad study habits, identify the best places to study, and how to keep up with Online Learning during the current ovid-19 pandemic. It also helps parents and students to identify when certain students are studying excessively, harming the effectiveness of their studying.

This is a must book for students who want good grades. Both a guide and a self-help book, it can help any student of any age, middle school through graduate school, succeed in their classes whether they are held in a classroom or online.

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Before you begin to work on your study skills, you need to set goals for yourself. Ask yourself what you want to achieve at the end of the process you are going to use to end up with good study skills. Writing the goals down and displaying them will help you be more definitive about what you are trying to achieve, and it will also help you keep track of the goals.

Your goals should be realistic. Analyze how you have studied in the past and what you have achieved through the way you have studied. Use that as a yardstick to set goals. Grandiose plans are great, but making them may be foolish, especially if you do not have the foundation to achieve good results. Also, you should consider the study skills required to achieve the level of success set by your desired goals compared to the studying style you have employed in the past. This will help you to gain perspective.

About the Author:
Christine Reidhead is a philanthropist, former basketball player, professor, writer, podcaster, and proud mother of two from Arizona. She is currently based in New Mexico, where she works and lives with her family. She is an avid educator who loves to encourage people to make a difference in their lives. She is the author of the book series Tips to Starting College. Her expansive portfolio as a podcast host is growing wider every month, as she discusses topics as diverse as leadership, sports, social change, education, tribal college movement and so much more. Podcast episodes are currently available on her website for people to enjoy. She is the author of GET THAT JOB! Ace Your Job Interview – Every Time! and How to Improve Study Habits.

Christine is passionate about international charity work, as well as helping people preserve their culture and share it with the world. She is the founder of AfrikRising, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing critical resources to African children who deal with poverty and starvation, not to mention a lack of educational opportunities and health risks. She also does a lot of work with Native American organizations and in Mexico. Currently, Christine is a board member of Habitat for Humanity supporting people in need abroad and close to home.

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