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The Lost Journals of Bud Wiper by S.M. Morgan

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Why do you write juvenile fiction? What draws you to it?

There are a few reasons why I write juvenile fiction. The first is that I love writing stories that are fast-paced and full of action. These types of stories, to me, are the most engaging for younger readers. Another reason is that I want to write stories that inspire readers; there is just something about young minds and imagination that just isn't there in other age brackets. Finally, writing stories that reflect our world's diversity is essential. I want to write stories that feature characters from all walks of life so that young people can see themselves represented in the books they read.

What books were your favorite as a youth and why?

I have always loved reading, and as a child, some of my favorite books were the Harry Potter series, the Chronicles of Narnia, and the Percy Jackson series. I loved getting lost in these magical worlds, and they were all such well-written stories that I could not put them down. I still enjoy reading them now, and they hold a special place in my heart. I just introduced my daughter to Harry Potter, which excited me!

What did you want to be when you grew up? Why?

Since I was a kid, I've always loved making up stories. I would create entire worlds and characters in my head, and I loved getting lost in my own imagination. It was only natural that I wanted to become a fiction author when I grew up.

I loved reading books as a kid, and I would often imagine myself as the characters in the stories. I would put myself in their shoes and think about how I would react in their situations. This is one of the things that I think makes me a good writer today – I'm able to empathize with my characters and understand their motivations.

Another reason I wanted to become a fiction author when I was a kid was because I loved the idea of creating something that didn't exist before. I would often daydream about coming up with the next great novel or movie, and it was always so exciting to think about.

Fiction writing is something that I'm passionate about, and it's something that I've always been drawn to. Even as a kid, I could see myself doing this for the rest of my life. It's a career that I'm truly passionate about, and I can't imagine doing anything else.

Coal or candy in your Christmas stocking? Why?

Candy, of course! But funny story, it is a tradition that my wife and kids go to my mom's on Christmas Eve. My sister and niece are always present, so while walking up to the house, I noticed some black rocks(broken asphalt), so I snatched them up, and inside the house, I placed them into a little gift bag, one for my daughter and one for my niece. I then explained how I wanted them to open these gifts first because Santa sent them directly to me for them to open. I may also have something about the first gift of Christmas (The Polar Express was watched daily during that time). The two kids were so confused and sad when they opened up what looked like coal. Good times!

What superpower would you love to have? Why?

I saw the movie "Push" with Chris Evans, and I have been completely convinced that teleportation is the absolute best superpower! Money problems. Nope, not now that you zap yourself wearing a mask into a bank vault. Don't even get me started on the benefits of not needing a car or plane. It's the perfect solution for a low-laying superhero to have.

What book is on your nightstand currently?

Right now I am half-way through The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss. I am loving his prose. He is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors.

Favorite TV show from your childhood?

My favorite has to be Are You Afraid of The Dark. It came on Nickelodeon and I loved it! I also watched The X-Files with my dad a lot.

"Help!! My head is being lowered into the swirling vortex of a toilet!”

My name is Teddy, and I’m in the 6th grade. It’s my first day at a different school, and so far, the only person I know is Zane, the school bully. I was just your everyday kid trying to stay off everyone’s radar, but when I met my new best friend, Bud Wiper, everything changed.

Bud is a 6th grade millionaire from 60 years ago.

Yep, that’s right, Bud Wiper is a treasure hunter from the 1940’s who left behind his journal full of life and adventure, and even though we’ve never met, I think he might be the only thing that gets me through the 6th grade alive.

The Lost Journals of Bud Wiper is a fantastic story of bravery and friendship, perfect for kids, middle school students, and adults.

Read an Excerpt

Leo jumped out of his car and stood in front of Ramsey. “ This not good, mister. Not good. Tell him, perdoon stary, do it now, or they will surely kill us.”

Give them the book Ramsey,” I said, motioning toward the guard.

on his face and then repeated what Leo had told him to say, “Perdoon Stary.” It sounded— strange hearing it from Ramsey with his American accent.

The guards busted out laughing hysterically. Ramsey turned to Leo. “ What did you make me say? ”

“Old fart,” came a voice in a thick Russian accent.

I turned to see a man that looked like he was in charge step forward. He wore a large rounded bill military cap with a red band and golden emblem around the center. “ Nothing in Russia is private. Now give me the book.”

About the Author:
S.M. Morgan is the author of The Lost Journals of Bud Wiper — A Middle Grade Adventure. He lives in East Texas with his wife, daughter, and son, and when not writing potty humor for kids, he is trying to get alone to read more mystery adventure stories.

When the real world calls him to be social, he can be found canoeing with his family or trying to convince his wife to watch action movies.

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