Tuesday, October 11, 2022

The Fate of a Crush by Marie MacGrath

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Why do you write juvenile fiction? What draws you to it?

Juvenile fiction has always resonated with me. I love the themes and the discovery of that age group. Even after I surpassed the age group myself, I still find myself scrounging the shelves for books in juvenile fiction. There is an innocence in all of the interactions between friends and couples. It’s all so new for each character and that situation that it’s exciting. I think no matter how old I become, I can still relate to discovering parts of myself and going into situations with a perspective of innocence.

What superpower would you love to have? Why?

I would love to have powers to freeze time. Time always seems to slip away when I don’t want it to. Unlimited time would be nice to finish a book I want to write or to finish a book I want to read.

What book is on your nightstand currently?

The Queen Will Betray You by Sarah Henning is currently on my nightstand. It is book 2 in the Kingdoms of Sand and Sky series. It follows a strong female lead trying to rule her kingdom when her father dies unexpectedly. Book 1 was beautifully crafted, so I had to follow her journey to the next one in the series. It is actually a three book series.

Favorite TV show from your childhood?

This is somewhat tied. I love Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Charmed. If it is based on how many times I’ve rewatched the episodes, then Charmed would win. I love the magic in both and always secretly dreamed about how cool it would be to have powers.

Ideal summer vacation.

My ideal summer vacation would be going to a secluded beach. I could sit on the sand and read or soak up the sun’s rays. I could swim and enjoy the warmish ocean water and just tune out the world. As a mom of two small children, peace and quiet are a luxury I do not see often right now. So as long as the vacation let me relax and have some quiet time to read uninterrupted, it would be ideal.

You’re stranded on a desert island—which character from your book do you want with you? Why?

I think I would want Mia, the main character’s best friend. She’s spunky and a go-getter. She may not know all the survival skills in the world and she is shorter, but she would help us survive. She’s persistent and that would be valuable if we were stranded.

You’ve just won a million dollars and you’re not allowed to save any of it. What do you spend it on?

Books? Obviously books and maybe a new house to put the books in with brand new shelves. A million dollars’ worth of books would require a lot of space because I like to read paperbacks. So some of the money would definitely need to be spent to put it somewhere and properly display them.

Favorite class in high school. Why?

I loved Child Psychology in my senior year in high school. I enjoyed learning how humans develop and the stages children go through. I knew I wanted to teach and so it was directly applicable to my life, including that I always wanted to be a mother as well. The ideas in that class are something I still come back to frequently.

Falling in love with a senior was risky … especially when he was your best friend’s brother.

Allie Duncan started sophomore year with two aspirations, make her school’s volleyball team and keep her crush on Hunter Baylor, her best friend’s brother, a secret. If Mia found out, she would feel betrayed. The crush was useless anyway. Hunter was a star basketball player and she was a nobody. Or so she thought until his attention was piqued after Allie went on the Baylors’ summer vacation. When Hunter goes to homecoming with Allie’s sophomore rival, she’s devastated and her confidence is destroyed, especially after his date tells her the Baylors pity her. Hunter tries to make it up to Allie, which leads to a kiss, leaving Allie confused.

Can she push this crush out of her heart to save her friendship? Or is Hunter worth the risk?

Read an Excerpt

“You have no idea how much I think about you, Allie Duncan.” He said my name almost as a whisper against my skin.

My body tensed and sent tingles to every spot he touched.

“I-I …” I squeezed my eyes shut and forced myself to say it. “I couldn’t think either. Being that close to you practically drowned all my brain cells and short circuited the wiring. If you had asked me my name, I doubt I would have been able to tell you.”

“Good,” he said as he straightened and outstretched his hand.

“What do you mean good?”

“It’s no fun if I’m the only one on the edge.”

I giggled. “You’re terrible.”

“Maybe, but at least I’m honest.”

About the Author:Marie McGrath lives in a small rural town in Maryland. She hopes to inspire others with her stories. Her favorite genres to read are YA Romance and Contemporary Fiction. She loves the color turquoise, tigers, and listening to music.



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