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The Tiger Like Me by Kelsey Lee

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Pretend your protagonist is at school and opens his/her locker – what will we see inside?

If Abhi had a locker at school, we would find the odd stationary pencil and schoolbook mixed in with her overstocked stash of jungle trekking supplies. Inside we’d find binoculars, a headlamp, a multi-tool, a change of clothes, hiking boots, and a safari hat. Her locker would undoubtedly include some sort of insect that she’s nursing back to health, most likely a Tiger Spider.

What books were your favorite as a youth and why?

As a child, I adored everything from Shel Silverstein; Where the Sidewalk Ends was certainly my most read book when I was young. I appreciate Shel Silverstein’s humor and the brilliant idiosyncrasies of his work. Sometimes I didn’t understand his poems at all, which made reading them even more entertaining. I thought he was so silly, in the best way. His work fed my oddities and helped me embrace my feelings of being different.

What’s your favorite sweet treat?

I don’t have a big sweet tooth, but I am a sucker for a tasty carrot cake with cream cheese icing. It can’t have any nuts or raisins in it though, just loads of carrots. If it’s around, I’ll have it any time of day, no problem!

What did you want to be when you grew up? Why?

At one point or another, I think I wanted to be everything under the sun and beyond! I have a curious mind with many interests, but Marine Biology always fascinated me. I am an avid scuba diver and love everything to do with ocean life. I also find research intriguing, that career path probably would have been a good fit for me. I suppose I should have moved near the ocean, which may have helped the pursuit. Or maybe I'll write about marine adventures instead.

What reality show would you love to be on? Why?

I remember watching Survivor as a teenager when it first came out. I’ve wanted to be on that show ever since. I appreciate the full-body challenge, physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually that show would test my limits and stimulate personal growth. Now that sounds like an adventure! I would also get to visit an incredible location that I likely wouldn’t have traveled to otherwise. I may need to pursue this now that I’m thinking of it again.

Create an ice cream flavor. What’s it called?

If I were to make an ice cream flavor, I would call it Bengal, and it would be a mix of vanilla bean ice cream and black licorice flavor. I like tiger ice cream for the licorice part, but I'm not a massive fan of the orange flavor. Vanilla and black licorice together sounds kind of magical to me! Don't you think!?

This is the story of Abhi, a brave young girl who dares to be different. As she follows the call of her adventurous spirit, she encounters inspiring creatures of the jungle who remind her to face her fears, recognize the beauty of the present moment, and walk the path less travelled.

Read an Excerpt

Mom always tells me, “You need to slow down, and dress up like a princess, wearing your crown.”

Silly Mom, if only she knew. I don’t want to be pretty, and part of the queue. I have so many adventures to create and pursue.

I’d rather be wild and do things that shock her, than dress up in a gown, feeling improper.

Abhi’s my name, and adventure’s my game. My heart is open and it cannot be tamed.

Whatever the quest, I’m up for the mission. Limitless wonder, or focused expedition.

About the Author:
Kelsey Lee is a writer and adventurer who lives in Calgary, Alberta. With a diverse background from business owner to yoga teacher, most often, you can find her writing, working with children, and exploring all that nature has to offer. Kelsey finds daily inspiration to value child-like curiosity and empathy through her two children, and her work in Equine Therapy. As a free-spirited child herself, Kelsey has always believed that anyone could achieve their wildest dreams, no matter how far-reaching. She passionately encourages self-empowerment and self-esteem, as The Tiger Like Me, aims to support the reader in honouring their individuality to be courageously unique, and playfully curious.



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